Arranging meshe autometically : query

Is there any way that I can place hundred of balls in a box, and they adjust them selves one on top of another or ar sides, naturally like in real life.

I have to do this and then render them as they are placed perfectly.
I want to automate it to certain extent, if not each and every ball. Is there a plugin available for doing such thing. I tried bloode but as it seems it can get to find the Bloded.pyc in the pyton directories /usr/lib/python2.2 and …python2.3

Or is there a better way out of doing it all mannualy or any hack?

Thanks in advance for any help,


hm… I think there’s some way to apply the physics engine to animations. Just work out how to do that, stick all the balls in the box, and render a frame where they’re all in a good position (they’ll probably bounce around for a bit)