Arranging the Arrows between two control points of a bezier curve

I want to extrude a shape along a path and convert this to polys. The problem ist: The geometry, that is generated is dependant of the arrows between the controll points of the bezier curve. I hope the image explains it a bit better. I can controll the total amount of arrows between EACH point but not for two individual points. The result is that i have qway too much resolution on the short sides of my object. I would like to have evenly distributed resolution.
Do i miss something? Help me to find the option i’m missing please.

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select the segments you don’t want and delete them X key!

upload file sample so we can look at it

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If you mean, deleting the exessing edges, ofc i could do that. But i was more looking for a methodical way instead of a manual one.

If you mean the arrows, i don’t know of a way how to delete them, since i cannot select them.

Here’s the file:

the arrows just show in viewport that this is a 3D curve

now to reduce qty simply reduce resolution at top of curve panel
but may have to add more curve points

here is after conversion to mesh with reduce resol at top

you cam always dissolve X for vertex after to clean up

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I see. So the distance between the points always represent the resolution of the extruded geometry. The more distance the fewer resolution. (In comparison to the other points)
Somehow i think there could be an additional feature. Will have to think more about it…
At least i can now stop searching for it :>

Thanks a lot for your time.

when you reduce the resol it shows in viewport how it looks
and may have to add more point to keep the shape as you want.

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You really only need a curve where your object curves, rather than to go all the way around it’s perimeter. There’s no real difference other than the extra work you have to do cleaning up the excess like you’re asking about.

I didn’t think about that, but now that you say it, sounds like the most comfortable solution. Thanks for the hint!