Array and Curve modifiers

Good night to all. Sorry for one more post about array and curve modifiers, but after 6 hours could not find the answer.

I’m using Array and Curve modifiers to duplicate an object and then to make the duplicates be distributed along a 3D curve. What is stoping me is the 3D part of the curve. It is rotating the object in an axis that i don’t want to.
Is it possible to apply constraints to influence modifiers behaviour?
Also tested the same modifiers with a plane and then apply Dupliface but cannot find a way of constraint rotations.
As long as Curve enters in 3D it rotates the X axis of the object.

Can you enlighten me?

Can you post your blend file, please? It will make it possible to see what you’re doing wrong.

Here it is. It is supposed to be a fence, that’s why is it the way it is.
Thank you

Array modifier doesn’t duplicate objects. It arrays object data, mesh in this case.

Having actual duplication it’s possible to limit the rotation, this one uses frame duplication (dupliframes) and limit rotation constraint
array_curve_ja12.blend (88.5 KB)

Thank you very much!!!
That’s it! :slight_smile: