Array animation, "Rocks gone wild" New stills available!

oh god I hate that title. Anyway. Here´s my latest invention :slight_smile: Array-animation, which contains a rock. Can you believe that.

I like it more if I repeat it about 4 times.
Give me please critics and comments and what i would do to make it prettier!
I tried to ,ale vector blur to it but it deosn’t work. at least I don’t see anything blurry in this animation.
Oh. It’s more brighter when I watch it with bsplayer. Damn I hate youtube!

hey its great but really to dark ;]

yeah. I wish if there was a good place to upload AVIs and so on…

Try or And then there’s the polarix uploaded…

Nice movements. Add some more lights, and then even toss in some music to go with it.

Thanks! but I’ll try tomorrow, because in Finland the time is 1.30A.M

more comments. please!

kool, I like how u set the texture to global…


I think that still pictures are more “likeable” than animation in this case. So I decided to put couple of pics to here. Tell me what you think of them!


double post

It is definately differently from most array videos. Good idea for the video.