Array Animation Test/Motion Blur

Recently, I’ve been working on Blender Arrays and Motion Blur. Here is a simple test I made. Tell me what you think!

I love array tests - they look fun

how have you done the blur? - it looks quite odd

(Vector blur will give you a better result)

For this, I just used the standard motion blur in the render options. I do plan on learning vector blur soon, though.

Thats awesome: how do you do that, with animating parameters in the array modifier?

I think you need to turn up the number of frames that are blurred or move the objects faster, the speed seems perfect though.


interesting results…you were playing with the pivot reference right? Great work…5/5 !:eek:

vector Blur (nodes) is better an a lot faster to render.

Thanks. Nodes are a bit new to me, but I’m learning fast!
I’ve really liked the array videos on YouTube, so I decided to make my own.

Lovely test! :slight_smile: The shaky movement looks cool too. =)