Array fit curve not working as expected

I have searched the forums and found partial answers to this but I can still not make it work correctly. I am likely not doing something blender requires. I have applied an array AND curve modifier to a mesh. The mesh follows the curve when the array is set to “fit length” and “fit count” but balks at following the curve more than a few iterations if I choose “fit curve”. Both the curve and the mesh have the identical origin point and there has been no translating separate elements in object mode. I am attaching an example file showing fit curve and fit length using identical elements. What is the secret here?

array curve issue.blend (460 KB)

It is because you have an un-applied scale on the cube. Press ALT-S to clear the scale and you will see that the array does fit to the length of the curve. If you apply the transform (Under Object/Apply/Scale menu) you will get the same result as the other cube & curve setup.

Thanks Atom, that works perfectly. I am not sure why but just one of those things Blender requires that is obscure before a knowledgeable person reveals the secret! :slight_smile: