Array + Follow curve alternatives

Array + follow curve is a great combination for animations, unfortunately is not compatible with Unity3D. I guess the problem is in Unity3D and not in Blender, but I’m just trying to see if there is any way to get a similar result without using the array so I can get what I need.

Single object + follow curve seems to work fine. So I could replicate a ton of objects over the same curve manually, all of them with a common parent but that’s a ton of work.

Any other suggestion / advice / smarter way to do it?

Apply the Array Modifier, and the Curve Modifier as well if necessary, before you export the blend file…

Cheers, Clock.

But if I apply the curve modifier then the mesh is permanently deformed, so I cannot use it to build an animation. Applying the array modifier but it doesn’t make any difference. My animation in blender is good (the array follows the curve) but in Unity the whole array moves as a rigid block.

Thanks for your answer.