Array halp.....

Could anyone please instruct me on how to use the array? I watched all the vids (well, two), but whenever I setup a mesh along a circle, I get this mesh inside of mesh inside of mesh thing going on…


arraytest.blend (442 KB)

Rotation & Scale needs to be applied for Bezier Circle in this case.
Array mod has a lot to do with pivot point and positioning.

Not sure why you have Object Offset toggled on the Array modifier panel. What are you trying to do?

I think you’re trying to point the mesh at itself, and that’s why you get them inside each other (just tried it myself).

make a sphere object and point your array at that instead.

If you’re trying to wrap the mesh around the sphere, you might need to use a curve and a curve modifier on the mesh.

Nope, just a simple multiplication of an object along a path…

Oh, so its done via array AND curve… got it.