Array modifier - fit curve problem

I want to use the array modifier to add thickness to a path. I tried the following in Blender 2.60 and 2.63:

  1. Added a bezier curve to the scene
  2. Added small cube to the scene
  3. Added array modifier to cube
  4. Set modifier “Fit Type” to “Fit Curve” and point it to the bezier curve

I would expect this to produce an array of cubes that flows along the bezier curve but it doesn’t. In fact nothing happens. I tried changing the values under Relative Offset and Constant offset but that didn’t help at all.

What did I do wrong?


Ok, I finally solved it. I seems like the array modifier only controls the number of clones, not their shape. After adding a second Curve modifier I achieved the effect I was looking for.

You’ll need to add a curve modifier after the array modifier

yeah, I guess “Fit Curve Length” would be a better name for that array modifier setting. Thanks!

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