array modifier picking 1 random object at time from a group

as the title of this topic says … it’s possible to do something like that? I’m trying but or i have found nothing or i have only messed up the viewport.

If you need objects to be on precise coordinates, script like - pick random from chosen group, move to some zero point, calculate distances, loop …is all what’s needed.
Or particle drawing as random objects from group, emit from verts of some subdivided/modeled emitter mesh. Which is ready to use out of box :slight_smile:

happy blending!.

the problem with the particle system is that i have to manually modify the target mesh which describe the path and the distribution, the beauty of an array modifier is it’s flexibility in that case.
array modifier picking random+ a path to follow with a curve modifier = best solution in my case.

Can you be more precise about the first part of your answer?

Due to blender constantly changing api, i’m not too much into programming for it. What i wrote on a first place was general steps for a script that would take any mesh (it’s vertices coordinates) and objects group name as input, then pick random object from group and move centre of copy of it to some coord given by first input, rotation would follow vertex normal or set by input parameter. So, select any object, vertices of which define coordinates for positions, select group, set what rotation, scale and push Go button.
It should be pretty straightforward for a person into scripting for blender - not me unfortunately :(.

Yeah, you can use a particle system that emits a single particle along a curve guide. Use a particle system for each object you need. Change the random seed of each particle system to keep from picking the same object in the group.