Array modifier scales my objects differently, how can I fix this?

When I use the curve and the array modifier together they scale weird, I just want them all to be the same size. How can I fix this?

Have ou any unapplied scales on the original track mesh? Look at the Transform boxes - scale should be 1 for all - to fix this, if it is wrong, Select mesh, key CTRL+A => “Scale” - you may need to do the same for rotations - they should all be 0.

Also the curve mod should be below the Array mod, just in case some people don’t know this… Maybe you do already!

I have just looked at your vid again - scales are 0.457 for the hull, so maybe they are wrong for the track as well. To avoid this do all Edits in EDIT mode, including scaling & rotating. Check your curve objects as well.

Cheers, Clock.