Array-modifier with plane in z-direction

I am currently trying to break down an object into slices and then reassemble it in stages. This works quite well with planes + a boolean modifier + a solidify modifier.

Unfortunately, I can only get the necessary layers by copying. I have placed a layer every 0.2 height units. I would like to have this done via the array modifier. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in the Z-level because it has no height.

Is there a more elegant approach here?

My starting point:

The planes without active modifiers:

All modifiers activaed:

skull stages.blend (2.9 MB)

It does work on the Z level if you use constant off-set instead of relative, or, if you add a second plane to your object, with relative off-set


Thank you very much! So I should have just played a bit more with the options… :grinning:

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