Array Object Offset - Weird Scaling/Translation

Hi, I found a few posts on the subject of array object offsets but found no solutions to the exact problem I’m having - any help is greatly appreciated.

The transforms and array modifiers of the beige object and purple object (see images) are identical but the arrays are producing different results: is there another factor in array transformations that I’m not aware of?

My arrays, offset by an Empty, are supposed to place triplets of objects in triangle patterns (demonstrated in the images below by the beige object); sometimes they produce inconsistent behaviour in the scaling/transformation of array objects (demonstrated by the purple object):

Image 1
The Empty is at the origin - only transformation is the rotation by 120-degrees about the Z-axis, to produce the triangle pattern.

Image 2
The beige object (selected) has all transformations applied so it has the same location and scale as the Empty, so the array is producing the expected triangle pattern - no scaling or translation, only the 120-degree rotation about the Z-axis.

Image 3
The purple object (selected) is the one behaving weirdly: all of its transformations are applied and its using the Empty for its array’s offset.

(Sorry the image is impractically large - only allowed to upload one :person_shrugging:)

Hi! Welcome to BA.

Is purple object parented to something? Maybe something outside of its collection?
Not sure what else might cause such behavior :thinking:

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Thank you!

Both objects and the Empty are all parented to the same object (which is hidden): the purple and beige are in different collections, both of those collections are in the same collection as the parent object.

I de- and re-parented them all which revealed that the Empty and the beige object had inherited a non-unit-vector scaling from the parent object - the scaling was hidden and wasn’t getting applied for some reason (probably to do with the object hierarchy). It was just coincidence (in that I didn’t know about it) that the beige and Empty had the same scaling so the array worked.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hello, Im having also issues with Array + Curve Modifier.

I have simple task, I have extruded circle(adjuster) and I want to add small boxes(grip) all around the adjuster. Lets say we talking about camera focus adjuster(ring).

Im trying to apply array modifier, and then object offset using eyedropper to extruded circle or curve. Or I try to use curve modifier linked to empty object in middle/or curve. None of options work, its weirdly distorted, wrong curved array or I cant put eyedropper where I want. I have been through 3…4 different tutorials how to apply.

You should be making your own post, not adding to this one.

Check the scale of everything is correct (1,1,1).
The grip objects origin needs to be in the center of the circle. This stops the grip object from jumping to a ‘random’ location.
Screen shots tell a thousand words. Start your own post and add pictures. It helps to do like the person above and make sure modifiers are visible, and the side panel (n) is open so we can see the scale.

I can’t make new thread and usually people start saying that existing topic exists hehe.

1,1,1 - you mean to apply scale? This I missed, will try. Thanks :+1: