Array - Table legs

I want to model a table with 4 legs. I have model one leg and wish to use array to make the other 3. However my legs seems to fly everywhere and upside down (2nd attachment). I tried to use move but I fail to select individual array leg. They seem to move together with the chicken hen…ops…I mean the original leg.

I tried to use rotate / Z / 90 degree but doesn’t help (3rd attachment). Can anyone help?:mad:


don’t bother with “Array”, with Shift-D copies you can do it in 10? seconds!
Just check that the main axis its in the real centre of the object, its a good method when modelling to always use the main axis ( X0, Y0, Z0).
If your object is “centred” then place the 3D cursor at it, change the the"Pivot" rotation to 3D Cursor, make copies and rotate them!

Make sure that both the leg object and the one you are using as the array offset have their object centres at the same point on the axis of the table, and that neither have any object level scaling.

Best wishes,

Yo…Jesus raise the limp to walk, Shift-D gets the limp legs to stand cool. it works. Thanks OTO