Array video contest

Rules are simple:
Camera movement is allowed
Use whatever materials/lighting you want
The only be 1 rendered object in your scene
The video codec that you use must be playable in VLC
All post proccessing must be done in blender and must be noted in entry
Entries should not be over 5 minutes (though around 30 seconds is ok, whatever you want less than 5 minutes) and an sd file should not be over 30mb
Final date: To be determined

My entry (outdated new one is not hosted yet):

When’s the deadline? And is there a limit of how many arrays you can have on one object?

I’ll probably set a deadline once this gets some more entries/interest. You can have as many array modiferiers on an object as you want/your pc can handle.

My Dual Opterons and 3GB of RAM can handle anything!!! I’ll pwn all of you!!!

I think I’m going to update mine and render in hd, too bad I can’t encode to divx so I can share it in hd.

yeah, everything besides my quad opteron.


it also doesn’t matter how good your comp is if your art is crap.

You could compensate by making a file so huge it would crash everyone’s computer. But seriously you need some skill. In a contest like this your pc will give you some advantage, if you want to make some massive array with nice materials.

so we are allowed multiple objects but only one array modifier applied to it as if thats the case and the DivX is playable then i already have one done but i may need to re render it though due to lighting

I think I have some skill. And I was just kidding about my comp anyway. HAHA. NodeRanger, what’s your specs btw?

Cowdude, consider this as a placeholder, I will be in this contest.

I have a couple more questions though. Will there be a file size limit/filetype? and am I able to use music? Lastly, are we able to do any Post-Pro ?

Let’s get lots of people in this competition, I think it will be fun.


Good idea for I contest, I’m in…:smiley:


No, as many array modifiers as you want on one object.

I would rather have the entries no postpro at all. If you do use postpro you should mention it with your entry and should be done withing in blender ie: compositor, vector blur, etc. Since the contest is still young, the rules are a bit flexible, so let me know what you have in mind for post processing and that could be added to being ok in the rules. Music is ok and file size should not be over 30megs for sd. If you have a large file please post a lower quality one also.

Sounds good to me chief. I will have music and should be about 2 minutes long. Everything else should be taken care of.

yeah I’m in. deadline?

flib - quad opteron workstation custom built by - pretty cheap considering what a beast it is - 4 gb ram, 1 tb hd, ATI radeon x850 XT. it’s really dual dual-core opteron chips. and I’m not even running any 64bit apps yet… quite a shame. too lazy to reformat for ubuntu, I’ve got everything set up just the way I want it. are there any useful 64bit live installations I could dl?

post 600

Charisma +2, int +4

NodeRanger, your comp is almost the same as mine. I have 2 Dual Core Opterons also, you have more RAM though… I have the same HDD sapce too, but I haven’t found a use for a TB. I’m dual booting off of ubuntu right now.

I completely agree about 64 bit. It’s great and all, but theres nothing out there that takes advantage of it without having drawbacks… I do like running 4 threads of yafray though!!! hahaha.

Anyway, Just a heads up, I have a 2000 frame array demo test that I just finished today. Gonna render another 3000 frames. All synced with music!!! GONNA BE SCHWEEEET!!

Hello Everyone

I have some big videos of my arrays to host, does anyone know where I can host these 30 MB and 120 MB files?


Edit: I’m uploading to Rapidshare now. I will have a video posted by the end of the hour. It will be around 40 MB I hope that is ok with most of you.

If you want to post comments about it please do so in the other thread I have set up, so we arent getting a bloated thing going on.

There you go. Enjoy. Remember it’s a really compressed file, so don’t be too harsh about it.

I never ever ever thought I would hear Heresy in a Blender video.

An “array video”.

God damn it.


P.S> The animation was excellent.

Yeah, I really like that song and it has a good beat throughout, so it was a good choice.

I plan on making some other “music videos” soon, but without arrays.

Thanks for the compliments.

I plan on making some other “music videos” soon, but without arrays.

Oh…I don’t know.

I am a big Nine Inch Nails fan and it would be hard to do Trent’s songs justice.

Any other music is fine though. :wink:


So who else is going to be competing? Waiting for some entries.

Bake my fluids at 512res b**ch (in an affectionate way) No offense Fliberty :wink:

ANyways, here is my entry:
Blender Array video Low quality
same video, in HD