array with multiple objects and follow path

Is it possible to use the array modifier with multiple objects for example object one array 1 to 10 and object two from array 11 to 20. For example if I want to make a paved road turn into a small dirt road with one follow path (nurbscurve).
Or is it possible for an empty follow from one path to another path. I cannot get that work with follow path constraints.

No. Modifiers are per object and array duplicates the mesh, not an object.

But it’s possible for an object to follow two different paths. Haven’t played with those much but keyframing the infcluence and getting offset right seems to do the job. follow_two_paths.blend (86.3 KB)

Can you explain by steps how you connected the empty to the second path ?
I cannot get it work.

AFAIK there is no such possibility as to assign different objects to certain array positions.
Make one Path and separate it in two where you want the transition to be. Use 2 arrays, each with it’s own elements. You could use some crafted end element containing ‘transition’ as end piece but there was either my fault or bug - end got attached but did not want to get render :(.

Not much to it.

  • I added follow path constraints to the object, for both paths. Clicked animate path
  • I set the second influence to 0 and moved on the timeline until the object was on the intersection.
  • Then went one frame back and added a keyframe to the influence (hover mouse cursor, i to insert keyframe. or alternatively right click)
  • one keyframe forward, adjusted influence to zero and keyframed that.
  • Then on the next I added keyframes on the same frames but in opposite order, starting from zero to 1
  • I also adjusted path animation frames on the second curve and evaluation animation curve in the graph editor. It’s done with a modifier which is on the properties panel. Then adjusted offset on the follow path constraint to get it to line up with the switch

This might answer your first question

follow_two_paths2.blend (98.6 KB)

Many thanks guys the biggest problem was an empty follow from one path to another path but I got it now working