Arrimus is now using Blender (3ds Max User)

I was wondering when he would begin using Blender.

Arrimus is a very good subd modeler, who understands topology very well. Even if you never plan on using 3DS max, you can learn a LOT from his videos.



Hilarious way of announcing this with the thumbnail and title.
Got to minute 1:39 and have a good laugh.

You may call me an heretic, but i hope he also stays on the light side of the force and becomes a grey Jedi.
Meaning, while i appreciate that he uses Blender, i have no usage for him teaching Blender as i am probably better with it than him. Same applies to the Flipped Normals guys. I stopped watching their videos because they started teaching beginners and there is not much to learn for me there.
I hope they get up to date fast and teach on an advanced level - there are enough beginner tutorials, i feel it’s a waste of their talent .


same here :laughing:

Entagma guys also made a video for Blender users, they are Houdini users that focus mostly on Abstract Fx, i’m so happy to see more professionals integrate blender in their workflow

same here

There’s a pinned article in the blender discord channel that talks about Blender not being an industry standard. In 5 years time, it will be (at least, I hope).

And then right above it is this post:

Main point of me posting that is to reflect on how many people seem to be genuinely upset at the impact Blender is having on the industry. Blender is becoming so competent, that it is totally encroaching upon territory that was almost always reserved for the AAAs who were willing to shell out big money for these things. The fact that we have an angry pinned message speaks volumes.

I don’t think anybody truly thinks Blender is superior than all programs. Every program has strengths and weaknesses, yes. But, what matters is, are you willing to pony up the dough for Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, or Zbrush?.. And are the big companies wanting to save a lot of money by switching to blender for general 3d modeling tasks? IMO, the answer is “No” to the former, and “yes” to the latter.

For the longest time, all I ever heard was, “big companies don’t care about how much money it costs, as long as they produce a thing that generates a ton of money. All that matters is results”. I think I heard something about Ubisoft switching to Blender/Houdini as their workflow. Now, either Ubisoft is doing this to improve their image, or they see some merit in switching software to save a few bucks? And then we have Epic Games giving tons of money to Blender. The industry wants Blender to improve and become an industry standard, they are actively pursuing this.

Anywho sorry to derail.

Edit: Removed some text that may have sounded a little too negative (I apologize for that)

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Lord Bot knows what he talks about.

I can relate.

It’s certainly not superior… but when it can do 80% just as well and certain things better and not cost thousands of dollars or hundreds a month… all-the-while not being an appendage of Autodesk and displaying a rate/speed of progress which is definitively superior to the current rate of these others… One can clearly see why it encroaches and I might add that it’s taking a significant share of the freelance market and continues to steadily climb on all usage metrics.

It’s time for some Ton-as-a-3D-god memes me thinks.

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Haha. Gaben status.

My apologies, I did not mean to imply that Lord Bot (or anybody) didn’t know what they’re talking about. I respect everyone’s opinions. For the most part, I agree with everything in that pinned post. At the end of the day, whoever pinned that post reserves the right to pin anything they want, and it’s none of my business.

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I can however relate to the same ideas more or less. Generally I roll with the mindset that there are two types of users [those who just want to get the job done using existing features] and then there are those who [want to get the job done using the optimal and efficient technique].

Also in the same idea goes with software [there are software that offer the strong fundamental features] and then there are software that [are built around quirky and optimal -or experimental- workflows that are supposed to do the basic stuff but in more efficient ways].

As for example I have seen various sculptors in Blender creating really good work, more or less the same results are achieved by other sculptors in any other software like ZBrush or 3D Coat etc. Mostly when it comes to cartoon characters where they have standard features and standard polycount. Which means that at the fundamental level they have access to the same set of tools and same results. But up to a point where the artists start relying on the real strong features of the software then they access a different type of workflows. Such as ZBrush users have really high polycounts or 3D coat users having PTEX texture paint.