Arsenal carrier

Second post on Blender Artists, here we go!

Some technobabble for people who are interested in how I envision this working:

Medium-sized, heavily automated, increased survivability and protection. Majority of the air wing is typically composed of autonomous VTOL-capable attack drones that can launch as fast as they’re delivered on deck, so when it comes to logistics it operates more like a helicarrier than a conventional carrier. Also features an EML fast launch system for enhanced first strike capabilities.


Hey, the render looks great! However, it seems your artstation link is incorrect.

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You’re right! How embarrassing.
Fixed it.

This is great. Love the detail.

Could maybe use a different focal length to make it look less toy-like, but awesome all the same.

Well done!

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Awesome stuff! How did you do this background and what HDRI did you used? :smiley:

The background is 70% composition and photoshop and 30% ocean modifier.
I used several HDRIs and composed a ton of passes, but ironically enough, I used default forest.exr a lot.

I like the shapes and design a lot. Great work.

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Okay, thank you for answer!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you!

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You’re #featured! :+1:


Arsenal carrier, huh? Could at least have put the right flag on her :smiley:
Great stuff. Sea looks great. The materials on the ship could use a little more dirt and grime. Looks a bit too shiny and plasticky.

Forest.exr? And I thought I was the only one using the default ones :smiley:

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Looks great, but where should they do a landing, it is only for take off :smiley:

You know, somehow, for some reason I get the feeling you’re not the first guy to ask this question.
To be honest, I really have to update the description.

Edit: updated the first post

Nah, sorry, there’s only one flag that belongs on this boat :^)

Wow! Amazing Work. How long did you take to finish this model?

Fantastic work but as for my positive critic i think it is too clean and it make it look a bit like a toy but otherwise great modeling skills!