Arsenal Game Engine

Arsenal Game Engine is pretty interesting. Its better than the Blender Game engine. This is an extension that allows users to make games using Amethyst (Rust libraries to make games) libraries.

Hope to see it in full action one day.

" Disclaimer: Arsenal cannot make real games yet. Currently Arsenal can export your Blender scene to a game with colorless models, static lights, and an orbit camera. That’s it. Still, this represents a big step in the direction of allowing you to make games inside of Blender, so if you are still interested, lets get started!"

I think upbge still has a leg up on this one boyo.


Yes I am aware of this. Hence this is why I said Hope to see it in full action one day.

so… why do we need another game engine?

and from what quick look i had, it seems blender 2.7x viewport is vastly superior.

edit: and “Arsenal”? you couldnt be a little more creative… even “amethyst for blender” would be better, but there might be a trademark issue.

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Um you do realise I am not the creator of this game engine, right?

Its interesting cause like unlike something like Unity, using Blender I can easily modify anything within the game, rather than having to reimport over again.

i figured you may not be the creator, but in case the creator saw it i guess…

BGE is plenty fine for rapid prototype. theres also armory which lives in blender.

spend some time in bge and its very capable.

Afaik people did not seem to even use Blender Game Engine, in fact Blender is killing it off in 2.8 release. And I heard that if you make a game under Blender Game Engine you are forced to open source your game. That is a huge draw back and if a developer wants to make games, they should have complete control as to if they want to open source or close source their game.

Also BGE afaik makes users Python language when coding, rather than Rust, Rust is supposed to be much better in terms of performance compared to Python.

There was a discussion as to why the developer wanted to make Arsenal instead of using Armory. As the Amethyst code (since it is written in Rust) is supposed to be better than the language that they use in terms of performance.

Don’t worry too much, people here don’t like when people are not working on their favorite engine :slight_smile:

The only thing that worries me a bit is the “vision page”, it sounds ambitious, yet it looks like a single-dev project… But why not, just a matter of keeping an eye on it to see where it actually goes.

It looks interesting, thank you for the link.


Thanks :slight_smile: :+1:

There are actually more people working on it, I talked to the main dev and he managed to get people around to help him out and I did see some other developers on their github page.

I hope it does go successfull, as somebody who wants to make games, I see a huge advantage over Unity, first of all if I made lets just say a small rocky platform, if I want to modify it, I can modify it on the spot in Arsenal, whereas in Unity I have to modify it and reimport the model from Blender to Unity which is slower and more counter productive.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: