art dumpage(pretty big d/l)

w00t! i didnt know about this forum ;() i havent done nay blender stuff in a long while but heres some photoshop stuff i have done this year…

wow…just…I mean…wow…
excellent… you got them a big bigger?


you absolute sack. that is absolutely amazing.


you got them a big bigger?

of course, i have bigger versions of almost al of em, and i have a few steps saved from when i was making the bird(not many but a few)

Just came across this thread - that’s a very nice collection you’ve got there. The lighting and shading in the self-portrait are fantastic.

isn’t the car an audi from the 24 hour lemans competition, no i think it’s a mercedes?, james rocks!!! (hetfield of course). the cuy with the spitfire is from ramstein ain’t him? your birds great

Truly beautiful, but I really wan’t to see some higher Res versions :smiley:

Outstanding photoshop work, would you consider writing a tute?