Art Nouveau like Underground House

actual state of work:

I am dreaming about building up an house like that since like 15 years ago, and now that i discovered how to use swap memory in help of my poor ram i can at least afford a render!

and here it is, 148square meters super insulated and cheap to build.
But then i thought: if it is a dream, why to dream in a so small scale,

So i am trying to make an art-nouveau inspired facade, those are the progress so far:

it is ending up a bit elven like, but i am quite satisfied with the result,
Still have to model the 2 lateral triangles and adding a top on the main structure(wich i have no idea on how make it), and of course a lot of uv unwrapping and material tuning.

the only thing i really don’t know is if i have to add something in the garden in order to make it more “Alive”. not any idea on what put in eventually, thought about a rivendell like gazebo, but will result in covering the main structure and mes up the image, maybe a stone sculpted garde table ,what do you think?

and there it is a detail’s shot. (you can see there are still some mesh problems)

don’t know if add new details (like carved leafs and flowers) maybe it is just too crowded.

It is very important to make sure that these two styles don’t contrast too much, but blend nicely and complement each other. You might want to be careful about that.

on that purpose i am changing one piece at the time the entire building. i like the concept that as art nouveau itself is a quite unconscious(and quite desperate) attempt to emulate the nature enviroment where nature is gone, well this building is an emulation of nature hided consciously in a gap in the real natue.
i am arrived so far:

Next time, the two lateral triangles!

finally done the triangular parts, in the end i have sculpted it, no other way to make int look good.
not still completely satisfied, but it is a strong element, maybe i have not to add anything in the garden

and some details of the triangles: