Art Studio & Home Office Scene

Hello Blender Community!

This is my attempt to make a art studio/ home office scene with Blender 2.83. I made some hair simulations, especially on the cat fur.
I get inspired by some images from pinterest and by the loneliness we can fell some times working at home.
I hope you enjoy :wink:

I also uploaded this file if some of you get interested :blush:


Hey, my favorite shot is this with sleeping cat, especially view and atmosphere behind window :slight_smile: Iโ€™m really interesting how did you achieve that look? Can you send some breakdown screen?

Very nice job! How do you make the charcater and the cat! I think they fit very well in your scene. Iโ€™m agree with @senteria for the shot with the sleeping cat. There is an atmosphere in this picture.

Hey. Iโ€™m glad you enjoy this shot!
To make the cat I used a 3d scan model I got from 3dWarehouse, also I added a fur simulation basead on the video from Nita Ravalji on Youtbe, she teaches how to make this flyffy effect on the fur. Then, for a more realist look, I increased the subsurface scattering level to about 1.38 to make the skin looks more real, specialy on the ears.
For the environment I used the Gamrig HDRI from HDRIhaven, with a little defocus. I find more easier to compose the image rendering the background as a separed scene and adding it later in photoshop.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks for your very precise answer.

I am very impressed by the realism of the โ€œpatternโ€ of the cat fur.
Is it in the video from Nita Ravalji?

Thank you very much, Bart. :star_struck:

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Yes, I used the texture of the cat to guide how to โ€œbrushโ€ the fur using the particle editor, some parts like the head I cut a little to make it smaller. Another tip I get from Nita Ravalij is use the puff tool to make it more fluffy.

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Thanks for your answer

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