Artefact in texture after rendering

Hi guys,

could anyone please help me with this issue. I have a height map texture (png sequence) for raindrops effect. It looks ok and doesn’t have any marks/stains/patterns/artifacts. Here:

But when I render the scene there is a strange artefact on it.

Do you have any ideas why this happens? I tried to use 1024x1024 texture, 2048x2048 and even blur the texture and nothing helps.

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Looks like a clipping issue. Tell Blender to use non-color data in the node. Grayscale maps with high bit depth should be marked to use non-color data so Blender can use all of the values.

Thank you for the tip, but unfortunately this didn’t help. I tried the “non-color data” value and even change between 8/16/32 bits it didn’t solve this issue.