Artifact appears while rendering but it seems geometry issue

My solidify modifier thickness is very less. However, I am pretty confident this to be a modeling issue but cannot figure out the problem. White is the intended outline (rim light kind of) but that green thick shading is not what I want.

Since I am new user, I cannot attach the blend file here. So, this is the link

This is not an artifact. Your backlight is too strong.

I’m not sure why there is a Solidify modifier at all, as it looks like you’ve modeled the thickness in the mesh.

I was following a tutorial and it didn’t face any such issues. So I thought the issue is with geometry.

Disable your backlight, will fix.

Yes, that part is something I am not able to figure out. I created basic extrudes, solidify the body and then edited the mesh at one portion only.

But that removes the white rim light also.

You either use Solidify or you model thickness by hand, but not both. In your case, as thickness is already modeled in, the Solidify creates “double walls” all around with nothingness in between.
You simply need to remove the modifier and, if you want to decrease the thickness of glass, scale up the inner part of the bottle (perhaps using the Mesh -> Transform -> Shrink/Fatten) (and the liquid).
Also, there seems to be an issue with normals on the inner top part, you need to flip the normals on those faces or recalculate for the whole bottle.

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What you want?

Light green areas are your glass, dark areas are your wine.

And you used Solidify, why?

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Yes you are right, it was my bad to use solidify. I want the white outline which I have highlighted created by the light behind bottle.

Thanks. This resolved my issue! :slight_smile: