Artificial inteligence and Track to, how to?

Hello, may i ask, how do i make that the “track to” option to simulates something like artificial inteligence, for a TPS game.
Was hoping the “bad guy” will chase the main character until the life bar its over. but with “track to”, i just get it to “looks at”, let’s say face the object, i expected it chase it… What can i do to archive this?, i wanna make it move!, also i’ts a dynamic object so if i shoot it it bounces away, by setting it to “collision & kill” the bullet ends the object, but i’d like it to be able to recive at least 3 or 5 shoots, where can i set that?.
I was thinking of it like a property, i may be wrong at all.
Greetings and thanks.

Hey! already solved the movement of the “bad guy” by adding a simple motion on location… I must have think about that before :o

make a varible for his health, each shot lowers his health by 1 then when health = 0 play animation and end object!

Oh thanks… Sounds fair… I’ll give it try.