Artilery for Scorched 3D

Hi all

I got the firetruck done today :slight_smile:

Here is a turntable in shockwave flash :

Here is the Scorched 3D game model:

It looks and works great in game too :smiley:

Looks great Mmph!
Good style and its very clean/smooth.

The only thing i can suggest is perhaps a ‘reflection’ texture on the windows?

Looks pro though :cool:

that does look nice, very smooth. You have a bit of UV stretching across your wheels though.

What is “Scorched 3D?” Some sort of collaborative project?

The model looks good, however, it looks showroom-new. Some rust/dirt/scratches on the texture would give it more character and make it feel more “real”.

Hi PlantPerson,
Yes, lots of people are working on Scorched 3D, they made it very easy to make your own custom MOD.Everything is in XML format so it is very simple for anyone to learn… If you can manually edit HTML you will be right at home.
It is cross platform with a heavy Linux user following.

more of a turn base strategy game for using artillery.

I am almost done importing stuff for my new mod,
for now I just think it is going to stay faithful to the scorched 3d game play, until I get all my artwork done and in game.
I had 19 house models lying around from p00f, that have 3 skins, so a total of 57 are randomly placed around the maps.

There are 5 different trees too so far. all the textures are going to be around 256x256 for the big and complex things, and 128x128 for the tiny stuff.

Scorched 3D sure is a nice engine! I am running this without a single hiccup. It is like playing with a real time Vue 'espirit or a real time terragen!

Well, I hope you all like them, the final maps will have a lot more variation, to give more of a natural look.The textures color is based heavily on the default tropical ones, I used the textures to extract the colors for most of mine, then I ran them thru texturemaker to add very fine seamless noise patterns. They are all 100% seamless 256x256 textures now :smiley:

I would really like to know how to randomly variate the scale of my trees, to give a more natural look,… with all my palm trees the same height it reminds me of a golf course :smiley: (they plant them all at the same time)

I have some smaller trees and bushes planned too, which will be ultra low poly. Some will be billboards too for the smallest things.

I am thinking of setting a 2 week to one month deadline for a full mod.
That should give me enough time to do a lot of custom tanks, and perhaps a few custom weaponds added to the already cool scorched 3d ones :slight_smile:

Later I want to take all my tanks, and some of the lowest poly scenery, and doo a multipleyer game with Bz00 or Brian H’s new project… some what like the old artari 2600 game COMBAT!, only in 3d, and multiplayer.

Honk if you like the screenshots :smiley:

Awesome! But, I’m not sure i understand scorch 3d. Is this a game, that comes with a game engine, that lets you mod the game? If you could pls elaborate. Sry, i just dont get it:eyebrowlift2:
Great Fire truck!

Just go look at the site, and see. Google is your friend people :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Sammaron,

YEs it is a fully functional game with a few existing mods that ship with it.
There is almost always someone playing online to challenge you.
and Yes!!
They heavily encourage people to make maps,tanks,avatars, and complete mods/ total conversions.

Right now they are holding a mapping compitition of sorts, so that they can choose all the user made maps that will be included in version 41 final map pack.

I guess that they just did some major improvements to the engine, we can do literally thousands of polys on the screen, compared to the existing maps that ship with the version 41.1 beta.

Every thing is in XML, so If you have ever edited a webpage manualy before, you will be right at home…
it looks identically to HTML…

To make the maps texture file with trees and buildings you can just pick an elevation range where you would like your objects to appear, then it randomly adds your content :slight_smile:

You can manualy place things too if you want… well actually there are a few ways too add things to the map.

They can even be promoted to targets, with health, parachutes, shields, and you can make them shoot back too if I am not mistaken :slight_smile:

anyway, to make a long story short, you can make a nice looking island, with very little effort.

Here is a link to the blender Exporter :

the scale is about 10 blender units to a meter, from what I am guessing from the scale of most of the tanks in game.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Honk, honk! This is a remake of Scorched Earth.

I never played it. But it looks like a fun thing to play with like you are.

There is a lot of info on the net for this. Very cool.

I like your fire truck, but why is it green? because its army?

I think it could be more modern colored, maybe with pink and blue stripes and then the hose part bright read.

I think the palm trees could be more fun too? You know, put some bananas in them, or pineapples?

Or a few strings of small clear lights? OHOH I know, some six packs at their base?

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for posting this. I download a slew of xml tuts and never ventured there, maybe now I have a reason to start that again.

thanks mmph!, that helped me out. Sounds pretty cool, but i don’t know what html and stuff is, so I’ll stick to what i know. Stick to the Status quo (he he, high school musical joke. I made a funny :D)