Artist Dreamland

Hi guys, this is my entry for the last BlenderGuru competition.

The theme behind this image is dream as a source of inspiration for everyone attempting to create something artistic: dreams give you a lot of inspiration and ideas , maybe you were able to produce something good in the past but the overall creation process is something a bit scary , tied to your technical skills and filled with potential distractions.
Everything has been achieved in Cyles: to achieve the final look I’ve created 2 versions of the same image, one with volumetrics on and one clear. The first one was rendered with branched path tracing ( 70 AA samples, 4 Diffuse & Glossy, 3 AO, 80 Volume), the second was rendered with cycles @ 2000samples, 3150*1050.
Volumetric version was slightly denoised on GIMP, and then used as a diffusion map on PS.

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I could really use some likes on my images, because I’m on a suicide competition ( lol ) with my wife, you can check the details on my page.

In any case, enjoy and take care.