Artist given funding to create....

Artist given funding to create…

an empty art gallery :confused:

An artist has been given a grant to put on an exhibition consisting of nothing but an empty gallery. Simon Pope, 40, said the aim was to encourage people to walk around the empty rooms and discuss memories of other galleries.
He said the work in Cardiff’s Chapter Arts Centre divided opinion, but some visitors had “got a lot out of it”.
It has been funded by the Arts Council of Wales and the Sciart Wellcome Trust, a charity promoting art and science.


While minimalism is cool, this is retarded. Screw performance art.

"She said participants in the exhibition could perform “a seemingly impossible feat: summoning up remote spaces - through memory, body, speech and movement - reduplicating these spaces, so that they exist at two locations simultaneously.”

LOL what a load of pretentious shit.

LOL what a load of pretentious shit.

well said. that is when art becomes onlyusefull or interesting to other artists, and worth nothing outside their community

Ugh. Dak ooga groop. *

This sort of conflict between artists, their creations, and critics thereof has been going on a loooong time. And it will always be that way. Nothing is to everyone’s taste. :slight_smile: Personally, I agree, it’s pretentious, self-aggrandizing, and a waste of time, space, and money. On the other hand, as a famouse philosopher of a recent generation so eloquently stated: whatever.

* Translation: Dak paint on cave walls. What a load of pretentious shit.

The only thing i really don’t like about this is that it’s wasted time and money with which they could of used to make somethign great, like another Chrono Trigger or Star Wars or something really cool.