Artist wanted: 3d printing ad on wrapped car

I own a small company concerned, amongst other things, with 3D printing - in particular, we sell 3D printers, we 3D print, and we do 3D modeling consulting (strictly technical modeling - so far).

We now have a company car (Volvo XC90, model year 2016, precise dimensions and drawings available as vector graphics from us, as well as photos of the actual car) that we intent to have wrapped fully. The wrapping will be a full color printing of artwork. We want someone to create this artwork. The artwork will need to include a claim („3D printing brings ideas to life“ - not this actual claim, but it will be similar in content and length. The actual claim will be in German) and the URL of our website.

What we want is artwork that is so cool that people will stop, get the smartphone out, take a picture and post it on Facebook.

The basic idea we have so far is to use a rigged model of some creature that has a dumb, emotional look, seems helpless, and appears several times around the car. For example, there is a curve on the back of the car. We could easily imagine a silly looking animal sitting frightened at the lowest point with a couple of bowling bowls rolling down the curve towards it. We would like to be the final picture to be in a part a construction drawing (wireframe), in part artistically rendered, and in part in 3D printed design (this can also be rendered, but should look like it came out of a 3D printer - we can provide textures for that) to draw attention to what we do.
The sides of the car could depict another scene with one or more creatures, maybe in a surrounding that is partly technical or involves machinery of some sort. Overall, it should be fun to look at it, and there should be attention to detail.

This is what we came up with so far - however, we are totally open to other ideas (especially if they are better)!

The final result we expect from the artist would be rendered images which we would then pass on to the printer to create the wrapping.

The good news: while we do 3D modeling for technical purposes ourselves, we frequently get requests from customers for help with artistic 3D modeling (sculptures, ornaments etc) intended for 3D printing. Thus, we would be quite happy to establish a good relationship with someone so we could offer support in this field in the future.

If you are interested, please drop me a line. If you’ve already got a good idea, feel free to include it - and I would also appreciate a rough estimation of total cost.

Thanks - I’m very much looking forward to your message!

message sent.