Artistotle's Robo :) [HUGE UPDATE 8-4-05] Head + Wireframes!

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Hey guys, I have posted any of my own work for a while now. But i’ve been a busy beaver, I assure you. Here’s my latest project. Yes, it’s yet another robot, but the final composition will be unique and thought provoking :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to leave a comment and or crit! :smiley:

And yes, i’m aware there are no shadows, there some aliasing, and the shoulder muscles are not finished yet as compared to the thigh area…

Uhm, wow. :o Are you talking about the spec on the shoulder muscles? Did I say “wow” yet? Wow.


That’s freekin awsome :D. “Wow” here too :D. The shader of the plastic is awsome, as well as the details. Good work man. :smiley: Love to see with what sort of head and hands you are gonna give this body :D.

Great work so far, keep it up.

it’s gonna sound like bunch if indians, WOW!
i like the muscles by the legs, because they seem dry, but the ones at the shoulder seem to be in plastic or something.

can you post a wire?

i like the spec on the boobs.

wow. talk about talent !!! Its amazing.

Wow most certainly is the right word.




That’s just awesome.

is that all everyone says anymore here ? “wow ! your so cool !”

i thought the WIP forum was designed for critiques and things to help the image better so the artist can put it in the Finished Projects forum…THEN everyone can say “WOW”

your all just a bunch of fan-boys.

[sorry for hurting anyones feelings ahead of time. free country. free speech.]

ok, now for the critiques.

  1. the muscles(in the upper body) look really plasticy…i would say make them more irregular(fractal subdivide) and work on the shader a little more…most muscle-like tissue isin’t really that ‘wet’ looking

  2. the ball-joints in the shoulders look exposed, simple, and out of place when you compare them to the rest of your model which is quite complex.

Looks good so far. Besides the shoulder area (which could use some plastic like the rest of the body):

The ulna/radius won’t give the same range of motion as a human has. The inner line should be the main (directly attached to the humerus) and the outer at a ball-and-socket at the elbow (just like a real skeleton). A normal human has ~180 degrees of motion at the wrist but this doesn’t look like it can.

Methinks the muscles at the hip seem to be a little flat–in-line with the body and they should attach more forward in the waistline and pelvis.

I think it’s pretty creepy.

Nehpets: He pretty much covered what I would have said about his own work. Please, this would be THE thread to say “wow” in. Besides, I don’t have the anatomical background Duoas clearly has to offer such a critique with.


P.S. Not everyone lives in a free country.

Personally, I feel that the muscles in their current incarnation appear a bit out of place. They just don’t have a good interface with the metallic skeleton parts. If they had a more apparent means of attachment, that may help. You know, spread the connection over the metal joint or make some connective tissue that connects the muscle to the metal… like vines or tree roots. If you don’t do that, it might just be better to remove the muscles altogether.

no this would not be THE thread to say “wow” in…there are still many things to be worked on…and do you really think it helps the artist when everyone is slobbering over his work instead of helping him ?

and who cares if my advice was redundant…at least i was giving some.

P.S. it is a free forum though.

i agree it’s not smart if you only say wow and i like it.

i read something about this on cgtalk related to elysiun

i thinks the body panels need some work they look to unrealistic, it also looks like the legs are becoming very thin at the bottom.


The join of the muscles to the metal needs… something more to integrate it.

The textures and lighting need work if a degree of realism is what you are aiming at. The metal and muscles especially. The shell shader is the best of them although some tweaking in the lighting here may help.

Spines vary massively in cross section along their length. Adding some size difference for the vertebrae would help the look.

I’ve noticed through your works that you are very fast to improve, this process seems to be proceeding unabated. Bearing this in mind I must agree that the Fan-boy wows are unproductive. This piece is good; but you are, and will be, capable of so much more. So I hope (and believe) that you will not be drawn from self improvement by those who feel the need to provide acclaim yet no useful insight into what is a WIP.

Good start, keep on.


Compared to some of the recent works posted here, this deserves some sort of “WOW”. Being that this is a work in progress, I anticipate a “Finished” project. A lot of people posted their crits before me, so I don’t want to be redundant and post the same crit again.

My “wow” is the time it probably took to create the meshes and the placement of them, then the tweaking of the textures and materials and finally the lighting. For a WIP, this ain’t bad Kanasa51.

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the compliments and advice :slight_smile:

Jeez, so may replies! Time for an lengthy reply of my own! Sorry no renders today, i’ve since learned it might be a better idea to wait until it’s more complete since i’ll get haggled for things that don’t look finished, lol. However, I will have some wireframes up soon. Especially if you already posted, I recommend checking out my long reply because it offers some insight into what’s been going on and what i have planned. Anyways…

Lirmont: heh, thanks. No, i wasn’t referring to the spec, both sets of muscles have the same material, just the shoulder girdle muscles are still being modeled and crafted. And as for your post script, just curious, but what country do you hail from?

Roger: Thank you, i am also very proud of the plastic shader (and it’s only going to get better!) I don’t have any special plans for hands or feet, but i’m still pondering certain aspects for the head design. I, Robot like single piece silicon structure? Or perhaps plastic plates… Maybe something that’s more robotlike and doesn’t exhibit all human facial features…I dunno :slight_smile:

M-K: Thanks bud. Yea, don’t worry about the shoulder, it’s not done yet. Yes, i’ll post some wires.

JediJapan: Hmm, thanks for your …words. I put the spec there just for you :wink:

Renny2077, Kormiic: Thanks guys.

Nehpets: Come on, don’t be sour. A few fanboys never hurt anyone. Lol. In reality though, I’m glad someone finally stepped up and got down to crits. Unfortunately, i was fully aware that the arm and shoulder joint look unfinished. However, you (and Duoas) have given me the idea to create some plastic for the deltoid area, so thanks for that.

Duoas: I appreciate your analysis. I spent a bit of time looking at how my own arm rotates, and the way i designed the arm actually allows the wrist to rotate 160 degrees without clipping! however, the forearm shell does not change position, just the ulna and radial shafts do, so it looks a bit out of place. I’m planning to redo the insides of the arm, maybe the outside as well. However, your explanation of the elbow helps alot. I may or may not incorporate that into my own bot, but it’s good knowledge nonetheless.

As for the hip setup seeming flat, that’s because i don’t really have ways to add muscles to the front without obscuring sight of the ball and socket joint i made, and it would interfere with range of motion a bit.

And uh, what’s so creepy about it? I’m sorry you feel that way, but when it’s closer to completion and everythings in place it will be more coherent.

Fweeb: Actually, the muscles weren’t in my original concept, but i like how they are turning out.

Nephets #2: Well as you said yourself it’s a free forum, so opinions run rampant. But it’s true that there are still many things to be worked on. I had been planning to not have a WIP thread for this because I sort of foresaw this, that people would see it and have high expectations and nitpick things like unfinished portions (i should’ve kept the shoulder for another render, lol) or lighting when i’m still in the modeling stage.

Nelis: As for the body panels, they will appear more scratched up, but don’t worry about the legs -that’s just a perspective issue.

Alicopey158: You yourself are a talented blender-user so thanks for your insightful post. I varied the spines a bit more but i’m sure you noticed this is based fairly loosely on the human skeletal system. Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

Spin: Thanks dude. I haven’t submitted my previous works to finished projects, but I’m very certain you’ll see this one there at some point. The reason I haven’t really finished the other works is because frankly, i’ve come to realize they’re crap. For a begginner such as myself, i now understand that it would be unwise to sink a lot of time in adding details and finishing the image because they are more useful for the modeling/materials experience than anything else. Yes, i have spent about 25 hours or more on this already, but that’s far faster workrate than my previous projects. And thanks for letting me know this “ain’t a bad Kansas15” :smiley:

This robot definetely looks like it could kick my robot’s ass.
I think I’m going to have to make a few changes.
Can’t wait to see the rest!

Hey fellas. I figured I’d show a render of the backside as well. Also in this pic
you can see that the legs are more complete (needs a few muscles) because
I modeled the shells and insides, and had even remodeled the upper leg
skeleton. I also changed some shader settings and tried to have used some glow for this image, but it made things rather bright.

But please, pay no heed to the shoulders this time. Shelling and muscles are
on the way. Also I will post some wireframes tomorrow. I’m also in the process of fixing the root of the aliasing problem.

Hope you like it!

I must say that orage shader is absolutely top-notch! Looking great man. No crits from me.

Amazing. There is nothing more to say