Artists - do you drink?

from time to time we often hear that artists like to “live life” and are no strangers to the bottle, so just for fun I’d like for you to answer truthfully in this poll (after all…noone knows your name so you might as well) and get an idea how we blenderheads are. And yes…we’re talking alcohole.

im only 14 so i said 1-2 times a year

Burp… I drink whenever I feel like it … wich is usually at least once a week … but not too much though … mostly 3 glasses of wine… or 2.5 depends…

Monthly. (my max. is 2beers/week) I’m 15 and I don’t really feel guilty about drinking. I only drink beer (and coctails on special occasions), responsibly and controlled.

I’m a friggin alcoholic.

I probably have 6-8 beers a day, no problem.

But I’m not ready to quit.


here in quebec. this answer can change from 2-3 a week to “each day”.

I drink weekly to monthly, depends whats happening and what i can afford.

Mainly beer, vodka and whisky (not together, uurggh)

I rarely get drunk though. Enough so I dont really care what im doing but not so much i dont know what im doing. I try and make sure I always am sober enough to do stuff.


im 16 and im allowed to drink beer and such but i ve never drinked alcoholic drinks. i think its not wise to do it now. and i have a still living example of a alcoholic in the family so ill probably be more carefull with alcohol then most of you guys. (although i realy cant tell the future).

/me seeing myselve posting a thread: can you feel your face.

I have never tasted any alcohol in my life. But I have recently wondering, I have heard that people who do drugs and drink tend to have a much higher inspiration for creating art while they are under the “Spell” then people who are not. Is this true? Not that I intend to do drugs or drink, but I was just wondering. I often lack sufficent inspiration. How are you inspired?

well, I’m 16 so I don’t really know if this question applies too much to me. I don’t drink. I’m pretty sure my parents wouldn’t have a problem if I wanted to try beer or something in moderation. Most of my cousin’s families (and some of my older cousins), do drink quite a bit, mostly socially though. For me, it just makes me physically sick. I’ve had experiences with drinks getting mixed up, not fun. My body doesn’t take it well so I guess that question is pretty much out of my hands. best not to sweat it I suppose.

btw, according to my doctor i’m allergic to soy :o . Well, not soy directly (I’d probably be dead or something). I’m allergic to something similar to soy so when I have heavily soy based products, I get pretty sick. I don’t actually throw up (usually), just my tongue and throught get really itchy/bumpy and I feel like I should be throwing up for extended periods of time. breathing starts to feel really weird and unconfortable, but not life threatening. This really sucks because alot of Korean food is based on soy beans and stuff and its really, really good. I didn’t know quite what was causing that until I drank a carton of banana soy milk. At least, with throwing up, once its over, its over, instead this lasts for like 20+ mins and goes away only gradually.
of course, I’m sure you all really needed to hear that.

I drink every other weekend. Stella Artois only, usually till I pass out or throw up.

I smoke the rest of the time, I’d say it depends on what I’m smoking as to how much inspiration it gives me.


Don’t drink to do art. Period. Alcohol is not the way. :<

yeah, straight edge all the way

dont drink, dont smoke, dont fuck.

I don’t drink, dont smoke, dont swear.

Arghh Shit! Ash in my Beer!



well only that once when i couldn’t feel my face LOL

Alltaken %| %|

I just use my imagination. and i vatch much movies and play Much games.
I dont know about drugs and drinking, But mehbe it helps people with bad imagionation? i dont know.

yeah i think drugs are for people with no imaginations.

i think that using your alarm clock (if you know how to use one properly) can offer plenty of crazy inspiration for things if you are not having a creative streak.


I think i’ve learned enough about the dangers in health class to not drink.

I do drink soda daily(ie. mountain dew, pepsi) though :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

with ya all the way kansas! lol although I do like coke products better. :wink:

water, ice tea and coke for me. and that will stay for a while i think.