[Artwork] Hanima Corp. Plant

Artwork inspired by scandinavian nature and sci-fi. Also heavily inspired by one of my favourite artists: Simon Stålenhag.
I mixed the render with Blender and painting in Photoshop.
It was so funny to give personal touches to the overall scene, like the snow.

See full resolution here:

I hope you enjoy!


this is really awesome !!!

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Thank you so much!:raised_hands:t3:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so much Bart!:raised_hands:t3: Great weekend for you too :slight_smile:

This is amazing. The high res is all the more impressive. And double thanks for introducing me to Simon Stålenhag.

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Thank you so much! I’m happy that you discovered Simon. Is a real great inspiration for me. You’ll enjoy!

When I saw the thumbnail I thought “Simon Stalenhag”. Great work!

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ohh!! that’s a really great compliment :smiley: thank you so much