Artwork Title: "It burned so fast, it scares me"

Hey, here’s my newest artwork I did in Blender. I know the wilted and dried rose doesn’t look “realistic”. That’s on purpose, because I wanted it to look kind of fleshy, almost like meat to some degree. I’m not sure If I want to revisit this render at some point and improve some parts of it. I feel like especially with the transition of the candles onto the wood could use some work. Maybe improve the lighting a bit. Definitely let me know if there’s anything that stands out or you think needs tweaking…

Idk how to add WIPs as a new user, but I do have them, so :woman_shrugging:


Nice job, and welcome to blenderartists!

Looks great! The meaty-ness of the rose is perfect, and adds so much to the fantasy atmosphere.