Aryas Leaos

Hello Everyone! I just got started on blender like a few months ago… This is the first time I join a CG forum. I moved from 3ds Max because I couldn’t pay for it, and I’m the kind of person that lives happy with a clean conscience (please don’t tell anyone! :no:).

Anyways, I’ve designed a new type of single driver car using NURBS and I named it Aryas Leaos. I first made the sketch on Microsoft Paint and then transfer the image plane to Blender, so I could use it as reference.

I will love honest opinions! (This is the first time I do this so…)

Really nice design and modeling!

This looks awesome!
I never really focused on nurbs in Blender, how did you use them? :slight_smile:

Hey! NURBS are very handy for keeping a very smooth surface. At first It was a challenge, because you can’t extrude individual faces with it, so all I did was premeditated in how many faces each object needed and finally I had this results!