As a hobby 2d animator how do you keep in between consistent?

Any other 2d animator that uses blender as their main tool? Do you just rig up 3d model and use a 2d render style over it or do you actual do frame to frame? Maybe be because blender uses vector lines, I still haven’t found good feel for my pen yet to get good consistency of those in-betweens. I am actually thinking of draw everything in photoshop then convert into vector format in blender. Seems like a very big hassle.

I am a 2d animator. I draw my characters in sketchbook. Break up the body parts in to separate images. Then import the images as planes. Off set the planes on the z axis and rig the planes with bones. It’s pretty easy

Hello Inkplay,
I’m not sure tu understand your question :
You currently draw 2D models in blender and wonder if rigging is better or drawing it frame by frame?
Personnaly, I prefered making 3D rigged models with a toon render style.
For better look and performance in this technique, you can take a look at blendernpr website (NPR = non photo-realistic). They have a few usefull Tools and add-ons that could help.
This said, I’m not very experienced (only did one 3D cartoon), so other advices would be appreciate ^^’