As We Walk Away

As we walk away what’s left is the memory of a place we once called Home.

I tried to follow the reference image while adding some minor stuff.
I posted this image here because this house is missing a proper interior and the back of it isn’t finished yet,i hope that you point out anything wrong in this project before i render it at much higher samples.
It took more than 5 freaking hours to render at 500 samples my poor computer:(,hope you like it.
Your feedback will appreciated :slight_smile:

the windows seem tinted

Thank you i will try to fix it

I like the idea, and the image in general. The grunge is a nice touch, although maybe a little too much.

My main concern would be those fireflies and the time it took to render for such relatively small resolution… How is your glass setup? (make it transparent for shadow and diffuse pass) is the color value 1? Maybe there is some problem with the grass, or you could make the trees just a png cutout… (I assume it is a model) anyway you should probably optimize a little. Do you use clamping?

Also, to me the relatively bright sky does not seem to match rather a dark image. Or maybe the shadows are too purple, I am not sure, something about the lighting throws me off.

Also, I would consider adding some small detail, to support the idea and make it a little mor interesting. Maybe one last cardboard box of stuff to move, some forgotten object, something to catch a viewers eye…

You could think about some outdoor lights. Not necesarry on, but there would probably be some way to illuminate the path if anyone lived there.

other than that I think it is a good work, share when you re-render.

I agree the grunge is to much because i wanted to show that this house is very old but i will fix it.
The windows will hopefully be fixed in the next render,the trees are models maybe i will add other trees in the right side.
I am thinking of adding some drawing on one of the walls.
yep adding some outdoor lighting will be be cool i will add some

Thank you friend for your kind words it meant a lot :slight_smile: