Ascii Shader for EEVEE (with Download)

First the files:
AsciiShader_EEVEE.blend (3.3 MB)
AsciiShader_Texture.blend (943.7 KB)

Tried a 'simple’Ascii Art shader for eevee / cycles… There are two options; one setup runs over a given texture and the other can transform your scene directly into ascii art thanks to the Shader to RGB Node in EEVEE (The scene with the horse) btw. the horse model is from one of these free scanning repositories, not sure about the license…

EEVEE Shader to RGB Setup:

Classic Setup as Texture Shader:


This looks really cool! Great Job! This should go on the gallery wall in mine opinion. Well done!

little update with screen space UV:
AsciiShader_EEVEE Dots.blend (3.5 MB)

and the grasshopper setup to create the patterns:

not easy to read, but i put it here just to promote what grasshopper can do and maybe it can influence the everything nodes design discussion…

edit: in case anyone is playing with the files - ‘window’ texture coords would be more correct in this case, but filter very bad for some reason.


Thanks for progress and update! This looks great.
Why not trying to use also Braille symbols high-low topology. This can be even more cooler, and useful!

QUESTION: how you generate the .askii texture in grasshopper? Is it different format compression?