Asian industrial city...

Hey all!

I was inspired to model again after I watched Ghost in the shell again last weekend. So I started modeling and now I have the general idea finished but it needs alot of fixes in texturing, lightning, people in action, etc…

Lightning is just a sun, some street spots and carlights. No area or anything fancy yet.

Basically nothing is textured except the road and all signs.

Total polycount is 110.000… bad or good?


It looks nice! One tip. CHange the camera lens a bit. It looks as if its a miniature city.

Nothing looks wrong with the modelling, but you’re going to fix the hollywood b-lot ‘nothing at the end of the street’ effect, right?

I would say that theres still too much of that harsh 3D edge thing. Its not…I dont want to say soft enough, just too harsh

BlackBoe: Actually I don’t know what the hollywood b-lot ‘nothing at the end of the street’ effect is. Would you like to share?

I mean at the end of the street there’s nothing but sky. This is kinda like how in old b-movies, they’d mock up a city in the studio, but at the end of street, they’d just have a big painting or wooden cut-out of a city background. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the obscure reference.

Yoeri: Thanks alot for the camera hint. Changed the camera and “BANG” everything got so much bigger.

The downside is that I need to re-think the depth and lenght of my street in terms of placing the houses :smiley:

Edit: the picture was not proportional. Fixed that now.


good work…but the truck is on the wrong side :smiley:

Doh! Is it left side traffic in China?

Looks good, is the poly count due to subsurf, if not then yeah you could probably cut that down by more than half.

If you do have subsurf on, I would turn it off because I don’t see where you need it.

ALso a wire frame pic would be nice =)

each house is actually intact, thats why they are about 8000 polys each.

The truck is about 6000 polys.

The actual polycount now is about 70.000.

I will make an update later this week, have been doin my first low poly model that will be included in this enviroment instead of texturing the actual city. It’s a pity I don’t have much time over for creative blendering, got advanced math classes that eats alot of time.

Ok. After finishing my low-poly projects I got taste for texturing and re-started modeling on my industrial city. I basically removed every house, removed wasted polygons and textured em to get alive.

And as you can see this project is still very much under progress.

Edit: Just noticed the pic look horrible because the original is to big to be uploaded.


SO you’re saying the left side is the right side… lol

No, I’m pretty sure they drive on the right in China. I lived there two years :wink:

Aside from that, nice scene. The most recent WIP looks much better in terms of realism. Except there’s a lot of stretching in those two banners hanging in the middle of the street.

A crappy update on textures, the lightning still needs a hughe tweak and I can not use AO, area lights or anything fancy since I want to animate. Anyone has a good lightning system that I can use here?

My goal is to make it an rather unfriendly, poluted athmosphere where the streets are drowned in yellow light from the city itself.

This is an optimized version since I can’t upload files with better quality.