Asking for Modeling stylized car

Hai everyone, I would love to know how to start modeling from this image like this.
Should be better use plane and trace by edge or use box and do with boolean operation. The hardest part that I faced is how to make sharp edge betwen body and i don’t know how to solve it. Thanks if anyone have a great way tutorial to make stylized car like this I would love to follow and learn.

So far my work like this.

to many shading issue.

I don’t see a reason for that cut you made there. Can you explain why you did it?

Hai Calandro thanks for the asking. the pink line is crease I think to make effect like hard edge for the model I can use crease. I really confuse here. So I ask to the community.

I know, but you made a cut there and ended with a triangle at the end. That will create artifacts.

The way I would approach this would be by making a simple extrusion. Using the same faces, without cuts.

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Ah I See. I want to make double rounded there. top and bottom part. and this still use quad

I want to make this part.

Thanks Calandro would love to try the way you make it here. Thanks for sharing :raised_hands:

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Of course, you might need some extra loop cuts to adjust the shape you want, but you will be free of the artifacts.
Here I used the crease on the inner side and added a loop cut in the middle part to adjust the curve.

That extrusion should be made on all sides at once using extrude along normals, ALT+E.

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Hai Calandro. I:ve tried your solution but still have shading issue on here.

on this area, any recomendation way?

I think it’s better to follow the shape of the curve for the topology, especially if you’re using subdivision

something similar to this

*edit: don’t mind the sketch on the front window, i didn’t realize that it is a sharp corner not a rounded one.


will try this. Thanks in advance man.

NP, don’t forget that it is just a quick rough sketch, but hopefully, it won’t be that far different.

You might think about a more non destructive approach also… like so:


Ah I see use bevel and with weight bevel limit. yup yup thanks man. For the alt approach.