Aslan, The Lion of Sinaï -- Blender Bootcamp


Hey guys!

I’m going to use this thread to ask questions and study Blender. My project is to build a character in Blender and Zbrush that I dubbed Aslan, The Lion of Sinaï. He’s a Turkish exosuit from an alternate WW1 scenario, blending some of my comic book and dieselpunk influences. I only have sketches and rough ideas atm so I’m going to figure it out as I go.

TL;Dr about me: I am a graphic designer from Brussels who studies 3D in his off-time. My previous model Project: Bulle ( was made in Maya with the help from the awesome people at SimplyMaya forums. They really pulled me through the tough learning curve but I managed to blast my way through five sets of software in a single project, that bastard took me six months to make :evilgrin:. After Bulle I decided to get serious about 3D, so because I want to start doing 3D in my design aswell I needed a software that a broke graphic designer could afford. I then heard about this program Blender that was completely free, and holy christ, it feels great aswell. Blender all the way!

I’m probably going to run into a wall at every other intersection, so I hope I can get some tips from the pros on here. Thanks for reading!



Progress from the weekend. I’m taking quite well to Blender, the fact that it can model on the same level as Maya is insane considering it’s a free program and maya is so expensive :eek: Blender forever!


I have a few things I couldn’t figure out, I was wondering if you guys could help me out

  1. Protext vertices (without hiding)

I found my way around the Mirror Modifier, but what I don’t understand is how one can freeze vertices without hiding them? Now I often have to re-align the center edges, and hiding takes out the faces that are there aswell.

  1. Rotate pivot alignment

I understand we can use the Origin functions in the viewport, but I noticed it only changes the location of the viewport, what I’d like to do is align the rotation to a set of faces aswell, so I can edit this curved bit more carefully.

  1. Recalculate normals not working

I found that Recalculate normals works like Unlock Normals in Maya, but it doesn’t seem to do anything for me to fix normals after I used Knife Project to cut a rim. Any ideas?

Thanks for the help guys!


Some updates. Still discovering Blenders functions and how they relate to Maya, so far its been a very smooth learning curve.

Wow, this looks pretty cool. Keep up the good work. Also, in reply to your questions by numbers:

  1. First of all, have you tried activating the mirror modifier’s clipping feature? I think that’s what you may be talking about.

  2. I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for here, but the period key on the numpad might be what you’re describing as it zooms in and focuses on whatever you selected.

  3. Normals look the best when the topology is smooth and clean. The way you cut the helmet with the knife tool looks like it created some triangles and pentagons when ideally you should try to have rectangles. Also, open edges will usually have rough shading, so you may want to apply a solidify modifier and/or make some loop cuts near the edges. You may also want to retopologize the helmet.

Thanks for the info Omnilord! Every day I use Blender I get more excited, especially so because I was really abused by Maya when I made my previous project (file corruption, crashing, the works)

I’m entering this design into the Reallusion challenge, made a small video

Back with images, and a question

Now for the question, I’m wortking with array modifiers to create complex geometry. It’s been working great, only I’m having issues getting the first seam to close, it doesnt want to merge the vertices as you can see. any ideas?

If you tick the checkbox “First Last”, right underneath the one which reads “Merge” (in the array-modifier) that should do it.

greetings, Kologe

That did it, thanks!

Some update shots. How do we update our thread image?


You have to change the picture in the original post for the icon to change. Also, the pictures aren’t showing up correctly for me.

Some progress! I’m taking him apart part by part to do the highres sculpting and baking everything. Progress is slow but steady