aspect ratio

i am trying to get aspect ratio the same as the highlighted plane
do i use the aspect ratio buttons - never had need to before
adjusting say the x and it goes wider then it goes taller!
how do i do this
i am making a video that has to be the same shape as the plane
thanks all


Changing the X-Y aspect ratio means you’ll have to use rectangular pixels. That’s probably not what you want.
I suggest you go in camera settings, decrease focal length and then tweak the render resolution to get the same rectangle as your plane.

i don’t know to care about the shape of the pixels
please explain … focal length and then tweak the render resolution to get the same rectangle as your plane.

To get it as accurately as possible, you should :

  • select your plane
  • go in edit mode
  • display edge length (in Properties Region > Mesh Display)
  • select the edges
  • type their length in the render dimensions and multiply them by whatever is enough for you (you can do math operations directly in the sliders using the usual + - * / ). Of course use the same factor.
  • change your focal length (in Camera Properties > Lens) until your rectangle fits properly in the frame.

will that change the output from say square to say oblong?
like changing the standard 1920 x whatever to say a square?

the pixels will stay square but the camera frame will have the ratio of your plane, as it’s what you’re after.
If you really want the width to be 1920 pixels you can simply divide 1920/horizondal edge length and use the result as your factor for step 5.

do not understand
clearly you do!
but Thanks very much


You can not change the Camera’s aspect ratio on only one axis…They go together x - y

Eg…If You cange y…x change too.

Try use some of the solution you get from ChameleonScales.

Or a little more info of what You are trying to do…:slight_smile:

Happy Easter


Eg…If You change y…x changestoo.
then the aspect ratio will try and stay the same
time to give up on that project

“Aspect ratio” is the ratio of the width to the height of the camera image plane. It is a characteristic of the camera, and it’s important when one must match the characteristics of the intended output device.

A classic example was “adjusting a theatrical movie to fit your TV screen.” Today’s digital TV’s have usually adopted the same aspect ratio used by theatrical film, but this was not always the case.

For instance, I used to have to render things to the bad-old characteristics of analog (American) TV. Not only are the dimensions constrained, but there are only a few (interlaced!) scan-lines, and the pixels are not square. You can accommodate all these bad-old constraints in your renders – and, if you’re working with bad-old American analog TV, you had to. (Furthermore, I had to do a lot of double-rendering and sometimes even double camera-placement to accommodate both the very-limited analog and the not-so-limited digital deliverables of one project. They were, in practice, two deliverables.)

This is a setting which should be determined in advance, for the entire project, and thereafter never touched. It affects the fundamental characteristics of every frame that you produce, and you must not mix them within a single project or you will deeply and sorely regret it.

thanks .

Do you know what the aspect ratio of the target rectangle is? If you know the aspect ratio you want, it is easy to input it. You can do math in any number input field.

Let’s say the aspect ratio is 16:9, and you want a render 2048 wide;
Enter 2048 for the width, and 2048*9/16 for the height.

Ok, here’s an easier way to do it without any math.

  • Download this :

Camera Cropper & Splitter v (2.37 KB)

  • open your blend file
  • go in User Preferences, Add-ons tab
  • click on “Install from file”
  • find the zip file and click OK
  • Check the add-on that appeared to enable it
  • Close the User Preferences
  • Select your camera
  • decrease the focal length until your camera unzooms enough to contain the entire plane
  • with your mouse in the 3D view, hit Ctrl+B
  • Draw a rectangle on your plane as accurately as you can
  • in Render properties, at the bottom under Camera Cropper & Splitter, click on “Crop using borders”
  • hit Alt+Ctrl+B

Hope you make it this time

we are getting nowhere. i just need to know how to set the camera aspect ratio to me like the plane!

Thank’s for the Link to the Addon… ChameleonScales…Puff Puff

Happy Easter…Cheers


don’t know the numbers, i just see the plane.
but when i try to adjust the x and y for the camera thingy, it dont work rationally!

I just made this video, it doesn’t require the add-on.

it reads This video is private.
good try though

Sorry. This should be fixed now.

Thanks ChameleonScales for the addon and also for the video tip.
This has been very helpful.