asphalt texturing

If anyone could give me a quick tutorial or some tips on how to make a decent asphalt road, or even point me to a thread or tutorial already posted, I’d appreciate it.
I’m modeling a car right now, but it doesn’t look right with a standard nondescript plane as the floor and shiny mirror-like black walls behind it…
A showroom type of environment would be nice too…

A while back, I wanted to make some asfault, so I took some photos. I would suggest that you download them and apply them on you plane, and add some bump to it. Also, you might want to darken the photo in photoshop or any program like that…maybe picasa, that will also work.

Anyway, I have posted them so you can download them. Here are the links

First Pic

Second Pic

One of them is zoomed in closer to the assfault, as you can see.

I hope this is useful.


thanks, buddy. that helps a lot.