Assassin's Craft III: Minecraft Trailer Mashups

Hey Guys!

Let me show you what I’ve been working on for the past months. :slight_smile:
It’s a minecraft animation made entirely in blender. :smiley:

I hope you like it!


awesome! Great atmoshpere

This is gold. I laughed my ass off.

You have good animation and editing skills. I wonder what you can do if someone puts a good rig and character in your hands.

Just one crit, the spec blew out on the eagle but I doubt anyone would notice it.

This is really lovely
i like everything about it

the lighting
the animation
and the modeling… I suppose

Spectacular! You guys at Machinima always nail these. How many people usually work on them? How long does it take you guys to turn these around? Awesome work!

Actually I’m alone. Haha!
That’s why it takes a bit like 3 months maybe? :smiley:

Many thanks!


Thanks Astapov!

Yes, I only saw that when I uploaded already. Hahaha! XD
Good eye!

Wow, you rock! Awesome work! :slight_smile:

It was a cool and fun take one two great games. The only thing is the logos, I’m not entirely sure if you are allowed to use them like this, it kinda makes it look like an official video from the companies. Then again, I’m no lawyer so it may be completely fine to use them.

Well, stunningly perfect animation as usual. Not that I don’t really appreciate your minecraft stuff, but have you ever thought of doing more “serious” animation?

Wow…Cool animation and atmos…

Pretty smooth animation :smiley:

Wouldn’t it be better to do this in Blender Internal than Cycles? It would render a lot faster and there wouldn’t be the obvious noise at some places. I liked it a lot though very amazing.

personally i dont like the mask ups, but very good job

Fantastic! Make more :slight_smile:

The mountains in quite impressing, that must have taken you a bit to put together

very good job! :slight_smile:

Dude… I owe you all my interwebz.

The mountains… from the picture it looks like you could have remeshed it with cubes? Or did you build the entire thing as you would in MC?

Epic Power!!!

Fantastic piece of work quality stuff, popular and professional. 350k hits and rising, top job.