Assault Mech

Cockpit is ready. To be continued.


Oh yeah! I like the design of that.

Thank you!

Wow it looks great so far.

Nice. You inspired me to do a mech too

I love it! Especially your care for fine details!

Thank you for your good comments!
Спасибо вам за хорошие отзывы!

Construction of the torso…

Looking even better!

I am very glad that you like it!

But criticism is also needed.


Рад, что вам нравится.

Но критика тоже необходима.

I have nothing to criticize right now.

Wow that looks amazing! Great progress so far! Keep it up dude! Happy blender!

:slight_smile: As soon as you see, just tell me!

Thank you! Happy blender too!

Detailing the torso continues.

Looking very promising so far. Do you use hardops addon or something compareable?

No, I do not use special add-ons. Only built.

i am not an artist but i think you’re doing fine. Cant wait to see the rest
btw there is an addon called “looptools” it might help sometimes

Thank you!
Yes, I know this addon. Useful. I think it defaulted )))
Most use F2 and Inset-tool.

Learning references. I remodel torso.