Assault Rifle w/ Holo Sight - Game Model

Hi guys, made this model of an assault rife with a holographic sight the other day, for the game engine, and thought I’d post some stills. These are bare-bones renders, just for resolution and anti-aliasing. The face count is 1813.

and a wire


Great work! It could use a bit of scratching up here and there but nevertheless, it looks great.
It’s a scar-l, right?

Beautiful, sob, I am getting a little teary eyed just looking at this beauty

The texture on the side of the holographic sight seems a little stretched but otherwise it looks great.

Agree with the point about the stretching on the sights, it really detracts from what is otherwise a beautiful texturing job.

Thanks for pointing that out guys. Got it fixed up and updated the post.

That is very nice work, great job. I would agree with the scratching up though, an then only one more thing, the first grip that is right by the trigger, it might look that much better if the ribbed grip texture came up maybe slightly higher. Superb work !

Updated first post with a link to a video.

Apparently, it’s a SCAR-H.

Actually, its a SCAR-H, not a SCAR-L. Also, there shouldn’t be rust on the barrel. The RIS is so wrong its not even funny. The Eotech is also wrong as well, look here for refs:
Here are some refs for a SCAR-L, use them.

Like the scratches and worn-out look of the rifle, I’m learning to make texture like that on my own model.
And, it should be the SCAR-L, the bending magazine reflects the caliber 5.56x45mm

hey thats a very cool weapons!

I’m planning to build a game weapon soon, you got any tips? And where dit you get the texture or did you made that yourself?

If this is intended to be seen in first person, make sure you stack detail closest to where it’s viewed from the camera. There’s no real need to have much detail in areas that won’t be seen. This will allow you to make it look really detailed while remaining optimized. I’d say punch up the detail a lot around the sight.

can I downloade it somewhere?

Very nice looking model, but it looks like there’s room for some optimisation to reduce the polycount further if it’s going to be used in a game.

Really impressed by the texturing, it’s amazing work.

Beautiful! I want that weapon!