Assembly Sequence of a modern building in an urban environment

This is part of my thesis architectural project on a composite building created from fiberglass and carbonfiber, brought soft on site and sprayed with resin in a temporary scaffold. I had 3 weeks to learn about animation and rigging, and rendering, so there are a few glitches.

I will try to redo the animation while i still have access to my university’s computer lab (where i rendered the whole scene in one night, 3500 frames, each frame took about 1 min and 20 seconds, distributed on 7 mac, cpu rendering, with 6 xeon 6 core processors [i think].

Some of the things i want to fix are the intersections when coming out of the container, having the cars and people continuously moving, put on improved camera angles, fixing some of the vehicles sinking in the road, and fixing a floating building. Also would like to hear your suggestions/comments.

I have also encountered some unexplainable bugs - one being the fence in the first part. It is dupliframed on a curve, and in the viewport, it displays fine, but in cycles it is offset.

Some general workflow questions that arose from this project: What is the best way to properly simulate one the parts being unfolded? I have rigged a couple of them with two rigs in perpendicular direction one from the other. I tried to play with the first few parts as actual unfolding between the rig and scaling.

Rendered and composed with Cycles/Blender 2.65a. I used inkscape for the text.
Credits for cars, crane, and biped basemesh models are from various blendswap/google warehouse sources. All rigging is done by me (except for the audi car).
Credit for the project: Giovanni Parodi, Felipe Escudero, Dimitrije Miletic, Dimitar Pouchnikov (myself). Project website: