Asset browser within Blender?

I’m using Blender as my level design tool and my workflow is a little difficult right now due to the way I’m working with modular assets. I have a bunch of small things that i use to build up my levels: walls, pillars, blocks, floors, pipes, etc. Right now, I’m importing those all objects into my scene, and then i duplicate and move them when i need to. Not very productive. :frowning:

Is there any addon or script that allows me to have an asset browser within Blender, so i can drag and drop objects into my scene? Kinda like this:

You can find some on the web. One, Asset-Flinger, is free: Update on Asset-Flinger Addon - BlenderNation
Another, Asset Sketcher, is about $30: Asset Sketcher v1.1 - Blender MarketAsset Sketcher v1.1 - Blender Market

This one seems to be fine

Asset Management is great because you can not only set blend files as assets, but materials and hdris as well. I wouldn’t be without it.

Thanks for the links!

I believe the Blender Sensei plugin/addon has something like this, along with many other ease-of-use improvements in Blender.