Asset Library files on external drive freezes blender for 20 + mins when plugged in

Hi All,
I’m running 3.0 and my asset blend files are stored on a new external drive.
If I start up with the drive plugged in Blender freezes for around 20 mins when selecting a new file or opening a existing one.
If the drive is not plugged in Blender starts up straight away and will open a new our existing file straight away.
If i then plug in the external drive, Blender freezes for the 20 mins.
My Asset path is set to a folder on the external hard drive F:\BLENDER ITEMS\3.0 ASSETS\ and in that folder I have 9 blend files, each with a texture map folder and folder for custom thumbnail previews.

So is using a external drive a big no no for storing asset files or is my setup not ideal?
I’d really like to keep the assets on the extrnal if possible.
any Help would be great.

External drives used to be slower then internal… IDK your setup but just for explanation: if it’s a real magnetic drive connected over usb 2.0 (even if the drive has 3.0) and you internal is a SSD (just to get you the idea)… Anyway 20min seems to be to llloooooonnnnngggggg.

3.0 usb drive.
So I thought why not try deleting and re-entering the path, then save the prefs.
Did this, shut down my PC restarted and all seems fine now… but I keep an eye on it