Asset maker

Asset maker is a material compiler for Blender 3.0, it’s primary function is to setup materials for you automatically with just some simple keyword entries.

This add-on will save you HOURS OF YOUR LIFE!!:dollar:

Key Features:

  • You can setup custom presets for different sites or file sets
  • Organize hundreds of folders in minutes
  • Save time and keep designing
  • Fully integrate your libraries into the new asset browser with style!
  • You can even setup inclusive and exclusive filters to refine your searches

Check out the basic walkthrough here, and we have tons more updates and videos to come!!


Lots more is planned so please check this add-on out or Subscribe to the Essential Elephant YouTube channel to help support the EE🙏

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shouldnt it called asset material creator , or folder to asset or something like that , i came in thinking its easy to create assets from within blender from objects

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Hey Alexander, thank you! So that is the interesting thing … I am actually looking into how to speed up and streamline this process for many other categories. Asset Maker will be expanded upon but materials just seemed to be the most tedious, and where people could save the most time. I would be very open to exploring further but I wanted to first see if anybody cared :sweat_smile:

Thank you for writing in!

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i think right now this addon is very useful for some mid to bigger studio or archvis heads to convert their material library , but itll be niche because online material libraries are becoming more common every day and integration into progs is also quite good already.

when you say you want to adapt models too , i guess you mean obj , fbx, … ?

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Been looking for something like this for a while. The preset feature looks realy nice, giving it more flexibility compared to some similar alternatives. Could not find it mentioned anywhere, but I am assuming it will skip adding materials that has already been added if you run it again on the same folders after adding additional materials in the folder structure ? Would also be nice to have an option to use the preview image files that (sometimes) come with the material instead of generating a new one automaticaly.

Anyway, it looks realy promising, I´l probably pick it up from BM and take it for a spin soon.

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I think this should be useful to the everyday user.

Right now I use Quixel and Poliigon as my main material resource as do many many other freelancers and hobbyists I know. If you download dozens of materials there is no fast way I know of that sets all this up for you in a few minutes. You have to manually unpack and setup everything.

The idea behind this actually came from a friend who does not work for a big or mid level studio, and he was burnt out after trying to setup a ton of materials manually to use in the asset browser.

So I thought I would try to create a solution until bigger libraries are perfectly integrated with the asset browser ( which I still think is a ways out )

WOW!! So you are the second person to mention that!! I think I will add this into the new features pipeline so that you can actually use the preview as a thumbnail.

Thank you for the support! Hopefully others find out about it… the idea was to raise funds and make this a next level organizational tool with the ability to not only unpack materials but capture and organized HDRI’s, obj’s, Models, Lights, etc …

So far though it has stayed pretty low key :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, the internal blender preview generation is not that good yet in my opinion, but the real advantage IMHO is having the preview identical to wherever site or repository you download materials from so you can identify at a glanse if you have a texture already downloaded or not.

I am sure interest will grow with time as people discover it, as it could be a real time saver for a lot of workflows. Looking forward to follow the further development of this add-on, and good luck with the sales :slight_smile:

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