Assets compress

Hi. Is there anyway we could compress assets when we export? I don’t want to distribute raw assets when exporting.

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The only reason I can think of is using a decimate modifier on it first. It could look just as smooth in some objects even when set to a ratio of 0.1. This reduces the amount of vertices in a very very efficient and non-quality-losing way.

Hi. Thank you for replying. Well, I mean, if we export a game and distribute it on the internet. I don’t like distributing the actual image itself because it of license purposes. I am hoping I could export a standalone .exe instead.

blend files are already compressed (unless you unchecked the compress option ;)). jpgs and png are compressed formats too.

You can try using .dds files for your images.
They are not always as small as jpgs but they run faster and present a better option when you wan to balance compression, rendering speed and quality.

Also you can pack your blend file in a .rar and make sure you don’t have any useless assets in there.
Sometimes people include the .blend1 files and other stuff which isn’t needed. If you have stuff on other layers that you won’t use, delete it.

Try clearing out unused actions from the NLA strip manager and the action as actions can actually take up more space than you might think.

OK, you’re not talking about actual file compression, you’re talking about some means to distribute a file that contains your data and that can be loaded by Blender, but isn’t open-able by Blender.

No, there isn’t any means provided in Blender to do this, and any means to convert back and forth would require the means to do so to be distributed along with your game, so it’s not secure either. It’s not really that big of a deal, though; people’ll manage to get into it no matter what (people have managed to pull models off of console game discs, after all).

Thanks guy! :slight_smile: